Certifications, Prequalifications and Laboratories

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System

ASR Certification Verification
Resource International, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified with a scope of Civil Engineering, Construction Inspection and Laboratory Testing, Construction Management, Environmental Consulting, Geotechnical Engineering Surveying, Information Technology, Asset Management, and Pavement Engineering.

Laboratory Qualifications

In addition to our main offices, Rii maintains laboratories at the Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, Ohio, offices, which contain a majority of the latest equipment for asphalt, concrete and soil testing. Equipment is calibrated annually, and, to comply with the requirements of ASTM E-329, is inspected and certified by the CCRL and AASHTO.

Rii complies with the requirements of ASTM D-3666, D3740 and C-1077, and participates in proficiency sample programs for asphalt, concrete and soils.

Laboratory Certifications

Rii participates in the AASHTO AMRL and CCRL accreditation programs that are also administered by NIST inspectors in lieu of the NVLAP program. The AASHTO certification also includes a proficiency testing program that is not part of the NVLAP.

Information regarding our three laboratories, including their respective accreditations, can be viewed online here

Diversity Certifications

Rii maintains many state and municipal registrations, prequalifications and certifications nationwide, providing services to both the public and private sectors. These include participation and certification in many disadvantaged, minority, female and women-owned business programs. For an entire list of our current certifications, please see the list below.

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)


City of Cincinnati


City of Cleveland


City of Columbus


City of Springfield


City of Dayton


City of Toledo


Cuyahoga County


Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CHIA)


Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cinncinnati (MSDGC)


Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD)


Encouraging Diversity, Growth, & Equity(EDGE)


State of Ohio Unified Certification Program (UCP)






Kansas Department of Transportation


Illinois Department of Transportation


Indiana Department of Transportation


Missouri Department of Transportation


Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program


DOT Prequalifications 

Rii has been pre-qualified to perform the following services:

Bicycle Facilities and Enhancement Design


Non-Complex Roadway Design

Complex Roadway Design

Right of Way Plan Development



Subsurface Utility Location Services

Bridge Design

Level 1.1/1.2

Level 2

Bridge Inspection

Level 1 Bridge Inspection


Geotechnical Engineering Services

Geotechnical Testing Laboratory

Geotechnical Field Exploration

Geotechnical Drilling Inspection

Environmental Services

Regulated Materials Review

Construction Administration

Construction Management Firm

5.13 ESA Screening and Phase I ESA

7.1  Geotechnical Engineering Services

8.1  Non-Complex Roadway Design

8.2  Complex Roadway Design

9.1  Level 1 Bridge Design

9.2  Level 2 Bridge Design

13.1 Construction Inspection

17.2 Small Structure & Pipe Design

17.4 Bridge Hydraulic Design

18.1 Pavement Analysis-Design Services

Non-Complex Roadway Design($300,000 or less)

Level 1 & 2 Bridge Design(Spanning under 500′)

Geotechnical Testing Laboratory

Geotechnical Field Exploration

Geotechnical Drilling Inspection


Traffic Data Collection

Highway Noise and Air Quality Analysis

UST &Hazmat Site Analysis

Construction Engineering

Non-Complex Roadway Design

Complex Roadway Design

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Level I & II Bridge Design

Geotechnical Engineering Services

Geotechnical Testing Laboratory

Geotechnical Field Exploration

Geotechnical Drilling Inspection

ESA Screening, Phase I & II ESA


Design Support Services

Construction Inspection and Support Services