Meet the Owners

CEO/Chairperson of the Board, Farah Majidzadeh, built Rii from a one-person company to a successful and diverse firm that has been operating since 1973 under current female-owned management. She has received numerous awards and appointments for her work in the construction management, design, and technology fields. Her husband, Dr. Kamran Majidzadeh, is an Emeritus Professor of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at The Ohio State University, and serves as President of Rii. Dr. Majidzadeh has more than 40 years of experience in pavement engineering, geotechnical and materials engineering, O&M, infrastructure management, and pavement management systems. Farah and Kamran’s four children, Marcia Majidzadeh Lampman, Todd Majidzadeh, and Mark Majidzadeh and¬†Stasia Majidzadeh Vavruska each serve in executive management positions throughout the firm.

Family is at the core of Rii’s business model, and three generations of Majidzadeh family members have worked to bring Rii success for more than 40 years.

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