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Survey, Mapping & SUE

Rii has state-of-the-art survey equipment and software, professional surveyors and engineers to perform surveying and manage surveying services. The Rii survey team performs detailed land surveys for determining and documenting existing site features of topography, locations of buildings, utilities and structures, property corners, boundaries, right of way and easements. Additionally, our experienced survey crews perform site control and construction layout work for establishing vertical and horizontal alignments and control prior to and during construction of buildings, utilities and infrastructure.

Surveying equipment includes Trimble R8 GNSS receivers that utilize ODOT’s VRS network GPS system, Trimble S6 Robotic Total stations, Trimble 5603 Robotic Total stations, Trimble TSCII Data Collectors, TOPCON GTS-3B Total Stations, Leica 530 GPS Receivers and ATGI Auto Level, as well as other miscellaneous safety traffic control and communication equipment. Rii also maintains AutoCAD Civil3D 2013, as well as Microstation V8XM with GEOPAK, and plotters for production of hard copy mapping at any requested scale. 

Rii’s many years of surveying experience means our employees are well trained in all types of surveying practices, from small private boundary surveys to complex roadway and utility location projects for government entities. Our field crews are always up to date with current surveying standards in order to provide our CADD operators with the most complete field data possible, while helping to eliminate confusion during the mapping process.