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Information Technology

As a full-service technology provider, Rii’s IT Division has been producing technology solutions for nearly three decades. Since the early 1980s we have developed and implemented solutions including interactive Web sites, Web site design, geotechnical software, pavement management software and asset management software solutions. We maintain a full staff of programmers, analysts and network specialists, as well as support services from our support helpdesk.

Our core competencies offered on a consultation basis include:

  • Interactive Web Site Development and Hosting 
  • Customized Software Solutions
  • Systems Analysis, Design, and Integration 
  • Relational Databases 
  • Software Application Development 
  • Technical Support and Training

Furthermore, Rii has developed, offers, and supports the various software listed below:

Interactive, password-protected, project and program management Web site. Available on subscription basis or as a customized server solution.

Pavement Management System (PMS) 4.0
User-friendly software package that maintains roadway inventory and history, and provides recommendation of maintenance actions with cost estimates.

Highway Maintenance Management System (HMMS)
Asset management for your entire roadway network.

Geotechnical test result database and soil classification software.

Moisture density reporting system.

Opus Caementicium
Concrete lab software that handles scheduling of tests, management of samples and sample sets, and reporting on the tests.

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