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Resource International's Top 40 Countdown - Part 2

Aug 5

Written by: riiadmin
8/5/2013 1:15 PM  RssIcon

Resource International, Inc.’s (Rii) celebration of four decades of business is in full swing. So far celebratory activities have included the development of our new business cards which reflect the firm’s ISO 9001:2008 QMS certification, interior improvements at our corporate headquarters, and the planning of an unforgettable client/staff party to be held in August. The second half of Rii’s Top 40 Countdown reflects on bouncing back from the recession with astonishing growth and firm achievements.

2000s – The Recession and Beyond
19. Formerly known as the Michael A. Fox Highway Project, the Butler Regional Highway was honored with 11 awards which  included the 2000 IRF Global Road Achievement Award and the 2000 ARTBA Global Award.

18. It is impossible to forget the tragic event of 9/11 which set the tone of this decade’s fickle economy and recession marked by a world economic crisis. New challenges were faced particularly for smaller firms trying to stay afloat. Rii remained stable by falling back to their basic philosophy while trimming expenses. In addition, the firm further diversified and identified new technology and innovative methods to establish a new growth plan. With patience in the marketplace to obtain opportunities where they presented themselves, Rii continued to evolve during this time.

17.  The Construction Management (CM) Building, Information Technology (IT) and Transportation Engineering Divisions sustained significant growth during this decade. The firm made a strategic move and acquired key CM personnel from a recognized Ohio firm that was phasing out of business. Energizing this service area, Rii established itself with Butler County, Ohio as a trusted client which provided the first major opportunity as a prime CM.

16. Butler County selected Rii to provide CM services on the $35 million Butler County Correctional Facility, which became a cornerstone project for the firm.

15. With all four children established in their management positions, the Majidzadeh family’s way of doing business extended to all employees and set a foundation of a corporate family culture.

14.  In conjunction with the CM Division, the IT Division developed and implemented the interactive CM website for the OSFC. This led to the creation of ProjectGrid.comTM which was publically launched in 2000.

13.  Now 13 years young with multiple awards, ProjectGrid.comTM, has established a national client base. The product is modernized annually for clients needing customized and specialized program solutions.

12.  In 2002, technology advanced in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment and applications offering Rii a national niche service in providing Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for pavement evaluations of bridge deck and roadway projects.

11.  In 2005 the CM Division was awarded the $144 million Newark City School District-Wide Facilities Improvement Program. This win helped the CM Division gain industry-wide recognition in K-12 education. To date the CM Division has provided more than $750 million of building construction services for public agencies.

10.  By the end of the decade, Rii proved to be one of the leading providers in GPR, having worked in more than 25 states with various DOTs, turnpikes and tollways. Many of the prestigious projects included work on Connecticut’s Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge; New York’s Buffalo Skyway Bridge; California’s Santa Monica Viaduct, Vincent Thomas Bridge, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge; as well as Ohio’s Brent Spence Bridge.

9.  The public sector pursued new avenues to move stagnant infrastructure projects through modified organizational structures and delivery methods. This included the formation of Transportation Improvement Districts (TIDs) and Port Authorities; and Design-Build (D-B) and Private-Public-Partnership (P3) delivery systems. 

8.  The $11 million Noble 77.6.25 D-B Project received the 2002 OCCA Ohio Award of Excellence as an early milestone project in this market.

7.  In 2008 Rii formed an exclusive Design-CM Team and was awarded the Master Plan Development, Design and CM services for the Ohio Turnpike Commission’s Reconstruction and Replacement of Mainline Pavements. This $500 million program involves all 241.1 miles of the Turnpike’s original mainline pavement. Rii incorporated the use of the latest NDT technology for this successful project. 

6.  These new organizational structures and delivery methods resulted in more work for Rii, including the planning and design of the $25 million Liberty Interchange Project for the Butler County TID completed in 2009. Rii also jumped into the D-B market and partnered as a designer with contractors on numerous projects.

5.  Rii had meaningful involvement on prominent projects that were being completed in Ohio’s three biggest cities - Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati. This included work for The Ohio State University, Port Columbus International Airport, the Great American Ballpark, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and various healthcare clients.


2010s – Innovation, Technology, Quality and Customer Focused
4.   On March 26, 2013, Rii received its registration from ASR (American Systems Registrar) as an ISO 9001:2008 QMS Certified Firm. The firm is one of the first in its industry to achieve this remarkable certification and is further promoted through a corporate wide statement, “Rii is committed to providing a high quality, accurate service to our clients in a timely manner.”

3. Rii released an advanced infrastructure management software, iiCollector, formed in collaboration with Google Maps. This technology comes as a subsequent component of Rii’s successful password-protected, project management website, ProjectGrid.comTM

2. Not only does Rii commit to clients, but Farah Majidzadeh, CEO and Chairperson, embraces her employees as family by promoting family/work life balance and  maintaining a positive work environment. She is proud of her hardworking staff, many who have been with Rii their entire career.

1.  The firm will certainly continue to grow engaging all employees in the family business. It has been an exciting journey since that first official business day in 1973, establishing new business ventures, acquisitions, offices and services worldwide.

A peek into the industry’s future regarding technology and innovation will be discussed soon, so check our website periodically for news. In closing, Rii is privileged to have so many excellent clients who have continued to support our growth. It is impossible to name each and every one of these clients, but we certainly want to thank them all for their continued support and business opportunities.

Steve E. Johnson, PE
Vice President of Engineering Services









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