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Various Bridge Projects

Connecticut Department of Transportation


Services Provided: 
Ground Penetrating Radar




2/6/2012 4:22:00 PM

Since 2006, Rii has been performing GPR evaluations on the ConnDOT’s bridges. The following describes some of the notable projects.

Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge - 2006
New Haven, Connecticut
Rii performed a GPR Survey on the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge (the Q-bridge) in New Haven, Connecticut. The approximate deck area tested by GPR is 450,739 square feet.

Complex Bridge Inspections of Five Bridges - 2008-2009, Various Locations, Connecticut
Rii used GPR to evaluate the condition of five bridges. A limited number of cores were also taken to validate the GPR results.

Bridge Deck Evaluations of Eight Bridges - 2007
Milford and Orange, Connecticut
Rii completed the evaluation of eight bridges in the towns of Milford and Orange, using GPR. The total area tested was nearly 100,000 square feet.

Bridge Deck Evaluations of Three Bridges - 2006
Stratford, New Haven, and Hartford, Connecticut
Rii conducted a GPR survey on three bridges located in Stratford, New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut. The total deck area surveyed was approximately 420,230 square feet.