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Ohio Turnpike Commission – Mainline Pavement Evaluation

Ohio Turnpike Commission


Services Provided: 
GPR, pavement management, ADCP, FWD, field investigations; Master Plan report - repair and maintenance recommendations; Design complete with construction drawings and specifications; Construction management services.

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Rii was retained in 2008 by the Ohio Turnpike Commission to develop a Master Plan for the reconstruction and replacement of 241.1-miles of the original lane pavement on the divided toll road. The original pavement, built 55 years ago, has received a steady increase in traffic and has far surpassed its original design life.

Rii developed a Mainline Pavement Evaluation Master Plan Report depicting the current condition of the existing pavement utilizing innovative, non-destructive evaluation technologies. Initiated by a thorough scrubbing of original construction plans, maintenance records, past subsurface investigations, and 3rd lane construction documents, our approach involved deployment of GPR, ADCP, Automated Rutting, Cross-slope and Digital Video Collection technologies, coupled with traditional pavement cores. Completing all field investigations in six weeks, a Master Plan presented a priority ranking for 48, five-mile segments, identifying 15 segments for immediate reconstruction. Six of those sections are being considered as the highest priority.

After review and acceptance of the Master Plan, Rii prepared complete construction drawings and specifications for Project Priority 1, Milepost 95.9 – 101.2 in Sandusky County. This project is currently being constructed, with Rii acting as construction manager. Additionally, Rii is beginning the preparation of construction drawings and specifications for the second project, Milepost 164.8 to 169.7 in Cuyahoga County.